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Edward Goree

Edward Goree was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He’s the youngest of six siblings. Edward grew up on the Detroit Westside. He attended Eastern Michigan University where he received his B.S. degree in Communications in 2009. He interned at FOX 2 News Detroit and was inspired to write his first screenplay by the news stories he covered. Edward is a self-taught writer who later became a self-taught filmmaker who made his debut short film in 2014. His first short film “Beneath it All” won Best Film Noir in the 2014 Detroit 48 hour film project. After moving to Atlanta Georgia in 2015, Edward made his second short film “Never Forget” with Eric Kays along with other notable people that helped get the film made. “Never Forget” has won two film festival awards and is currently circulating the festivals to claim more rewards. Edward is making his way through the film industry with one great story at a time.