Ariel Casimiro

Ariel Casimiro is a multi-award winning Angolan filmmaker and commercials director. Born in Angola but moved to South Africa when he was 7 years old, where he spent 17 years. He got introduced to art through visual arts and became immediately obsessed with how images tell stories.   He then enrolled in film school at the Tshwane University of Technology where he majored in scriptwriting. He was also lucky enough to have his student films win the best film award at his final 2 years in film school. After a failed attempt at becoming a writer, he decided to work in commercials in South Africa as an aspiring director. Where he has had the honour of working for brands such as KFC, Dominos Pizza, MTN, Unilever and many more.   In 2018 when he finally felt like he knew what direction he wanted to take with his career, he decided to finally come back to Angola. Where he founded his production company called Usovoli Cinema, with the focus on producing fictional content and Tv Commercials that make Africa cool again.   In his company, he has been lucky in the past 3 years to win 8 awards in Nigeria, Mexico, Angola, as well as nomination to various International awards and play in film festivals all over the world. His aim Is that Angolan filmmakers and actors can finally make a living producing fictional content.