Black Speaks Back

Black Speaks Back is a video platform and film production house for and by the Afro-diaspora in the Low Countries, Europe. It was founded by Emma-Lee Amponsah and Heleen Debeuckelaere in an attempt to highlight the diverse and underrepresented narratives of Afro-descendants in Belgium and The Netherlands. For EUphoria, they invited fifteen Afro-European artists, among whom Robert-Jonathan Koeyers, to explore the notion of Europeaness, Blackness and futurity. Under professional guidance of the multidisciplinary artist Wanlov The Kubolor they collectively envisioned a Black European future, tackling contemporary issues of inequality, climate change and structural racism through storytelling, movement and music. Robert-Jonathan Koeyers (Curaçao, 1992) is a multidisciplinary artist and storyteller using a combination of film, photography and animation to tell often deeply personal and introspective stories that set out to dissect the human condition and tries to understand why people work the way they do.