Brandon Hairston

Brandon Hairston is a web content creator from the Washington, D.C. Metro area. After two years of desk work, Brandon quickly realized his need for a creative outlet increased and began writing short stories in his spare time to share with anyone willing to read. He produced his first book, “Now I Know My ABC’s” which was an adult short stories collection where the main characters’ names followed the alphabet sequence. Many readers commented on how Brandon’s writing painted a picture where readers felt they could see the action. This piqued his interest to transition from literary writing to screenplays. His first project, 'D.C. Yuppies,' was an award-winning scripted dramedy that chronicled the ins and outs of a group of young urban professionals growing up in the DMV. He has since moved onto the comedic one-of-a-kind 'Bad Web Series,” an overacted and underproduced parody of the web series world that makes fun of itself. Brandon lives by the quote, 'Chase your dreams, not your competition.”