Denise Khumalo

Denise Ntombikayise Khumalo is an independent filmmaker born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. Watching her mother become a successful television personality and radio host ignited her passion for filmmaking. She moved to America in 2008 in order to pursue her film career, where she received her Bachelors in Science at SUNY Fredonia in Communications: Television and Digital Film. Denise went on to acquire her Masters in Filmmaking in Los Angeles, California at the New York Film Academy in 2014. Denise has spent years honing her directorial skills and as a result has achieved great success with her narratives and documentaries. 'Khayalami' (My Home) received numerous awards and recognition for its unique insight on Zimbabwe. She is currently in production on a feature documentary titled 'Unconventional' and is the host of the debate talk show 'Cultural Exchange.' Fund this creator's next project: The Rainmaking Ceremony (Njelele Shrine) on kweliFUND.