Everett Mason

Everett Mason is a once in a generation type of writer from Long Beach, California. He was born in the Philippines and relocated to Southern California at the age of 3. Raised a Navy brat, he bounced around from city to city and school to school. This forced him to make friends of multiple ethnicities, age groups and social classes. Since he was a child, playing sports was his passion. He played multiple sports from football, basketball, baseball, and golf. He graduated from Azusa Pacific University where he finished his football career and obtained his BA in Cinema Arts-Screenwriting. Constantly being around different people and situations while growing up has helped shape Everett into the writer he is today. His goal is to push the social hegemony not only in film, but also in life. He wants to create stories that are original, diverse, truthful, and cause conversation. Part of his inspiration comes from his favorite film, Remember The Titans. Everett can create scripts that people not just sympathize with but empathize with as well. To say that he is passionate about creating content be an understatement. His life goal is to create content that resonates with others, because it can grab their attention. Like Everett always says, “Sympathizing will turn a head, empathizing will have them turn around and walk back towards you.” Everett currently has released 3 amazing short films that are circling film festivals. You can learn more about him, as well as view his work at his website, HollywoodImComing.com.