Florence Bamba

I am Florence. I grew up in Sartrouville, in a neighbourhood called 'la Cité des Indes'. My father comes from Congo and my mother from Senegal, and my 3 brothers are football enthusiasts. It s not easy every day to find your place as a girl and future woman. This led me to start copying them and be interested by their passion. After graduating high school, I started studying performing arts in the Saint-Denis University (Paris 8). This choice left my father puzzled and my mother amused. This was a new environment, far from the one I was used to, but to my surprise, I adapted quite well. A feeling of freedom blowed inside of me. I have a lot of things to say, and I always knew I would do it through art. I decided to search around me organizations who could help me get better, and I joined the 'La Ruche' writing residence at the Gindou film theater. It strengthened my desire to work in this industry.