Fonban Emmanuel

Fonban Emmanuel is a Cameroonian based Filmmaker and an entrepreneur. His journey in cinema started in 2012 when he began using a mini digital camera to capture scenes with his friend. His dream intensified in 2014 when he went to the University and founded a club where he trained students in script writing and stage performances. After some cack-handed ventures in production he succeeded to make his professional debut in 2017 as a Film Director with a film titled THE CURE which was highly demanded by many national and international distribution houses and would later win two awards from UK. He is the CEO of GREENLIGHT EFFECTS, a production house which focuses on edutainment with intent to reform society and improve the lifestyle of people using cinema. Some of his films as director are AFROKONS, FOREIGN ILLUSION, CHILDREN OF THE WIND AND FATIMA’S TALE. Fonban Emmanuel has mentored hundreds of aspirants struggling to begin an acting career and organized many seminars to teach beginners. He was the brain behind the Film Business Forum organized in Cameroon’s political capital Yaounde in January 2020. Fonban has made more than 200media outings in Cameroon since 2016. His hobbies are reading, writing and sharing innovative ideas.