Fred Ritzenberg

Fred has been in the film business for over twenty-five years, writing and producing motion pictures. He produced and directed (with David Leivick) the critically acclaimed feature film, GOSPEL, which Variety, the industry magazine, called 'technically and artistically, the best concert film since Martin Scorsese's THE LAST WALTZ.' Siskel & Ebert gave GOSPEL 'Two Thumbs Up,' and the New York Times' Janet Maslin hailed it, 'Wildly Exhilarating.' Fred has written screenplays for some of Hollywood's top name producers, including: BROTHER ZACK for Joe Roth (Revolution Studios), WOODY for Ted Field, (Radar Pictures), OFFICER BUDDY for Scott Kroopf (Interscope Pictures), THE LIMIT for Daniel Melnick (Indiprod Company at Columbia Pictures). TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT for Dick Clark Entertainment. PENNIES A DAY for Nash Entertainment. And most recently, THE CURE, for Mystic Films. Fred is on the faculty at Berkeley Digital Film Institute, located in the Saul Zaentz Media Center in Berkeley, California. Currently, he is producing UP POHNPEI, an adaptation of the nonfiction book by Paul Watson. Fred just completed ZAYTOUN, a film about a 10-year-old Palestinian refugee, and an Israeli fighter pilot shot down over Beirut, Lebanon in 1982, and their unlikely journey to Israel, a place they both call home. ZAYTOUN was directed by Eran Riklis and produced by Gareth Unwin (THE KING'S SPEECH) and Fred Ritzenberg. Fred holds a BA and MFA in filmmaking at the S.F. Art Institute and is a member of the WGA (Writers Guild of America).