Imoh Umoren

Imoh Umoren is a 37-year old film director from Nigeria. He cut his teeth in franchise TV productions like Project Fame, MTV’s Advance Warning and Malta Guinness Street Dance. He went on to direct his first feature Lemon Green (2009) which was critically acclaimed and the short film All Sorts Of Trouble (2010) which garnered him a cult following. He also made the tragedy The Happyness Limited which had Tope Tedela who the previous year had been voted Best Actor in Africa at the AMVCAs. His TV movie Have A Nice Day was nominated for Best Cinematography in 2013 and his widely loved Children of Mud (2017) got him 7 nominations in awards across the continent including the NEA and the AMVCA. His tragedy Dear Bayo has been shown in 11 film festivals and won 6 awards including the UK Nollywood Festival and several others Imoh Umoren is the first filmmaker to make a silent black and white film in Nollywood; Hard Times which won him his first AMVCA in 2015. He recently completed production for the highly anticipated Lagos: Sex,Lies and Traffic and just recently completed the production of the period drama The Herbert Macaulay Affair.