Jason Fleurant

Jason 'JaFLEU' Fleurant is an Haitian American self-taught cartoonist. Raised in West Palm Beach, Fl he discovered his creative voice as a response to the earthquakes in Haiti in 2010 and since has gone on to create with a mission. Founder Exhibit Treal in his apartment in 2014 as an outlet for exhibit his and fellow creatives of color artwork. Through it he would go on to curate exhibits in galleries and more. As a visual artist, JaFLEU would see success in having his works exhibited internationally and in the homes of the likes of Scholar Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Senator Cory Booker, Recorded Artist Jill Scott and more. In 2016, JaFLEU found his next step. He began studying cartooning and animation heavily. Leading to the rebranding of Exhibit Treal to Exhibit Treal Studios in 2019, and the birth of his brand of animations called 'TREAL TOONZ' (created in 2017). Since then, through animated short films and Web-series like the multiple awards winning 'Reppin Matterz' (Which was seen on South Florida PBS), Jason 'JaFLEU' Fleurant has made quite a lane for himself as an Indie Director/Filmmaker and Animator. Fully focused on telling the treal tales that swim in his mind.