Jason Hightower & Amber Imaan

Jason Hightower was born and raised in Houston, TX. The second of three children he’s always had an interest in venturing out and maximizing his opportunities. His mom was from the city and his dad was from the country – he is a true suburban kid that was immersed in all three areas. Many summers were spent wrangling cattle, stocking his Grandfather’s fridge at the juke joint, and exploring the ranch with his brother. In the city, he’d learn the rhythm of culture in the historic 5th Ward of Houston. Experiencing First Fridays and attending church with his Grandmother – who was the First Lady of New Pleasant Grove Baptist Church – all were parts of him understanding cultures, how they differ and yet how they are the same. Family is paramount and the cornerstone of his being. He and his friends would go into high school writing and making films on their family handy cam – editing in camera for lack of editing software. They’d even try to find the set of Rushmore to get a glimpse of their hometown hero, Wes Anderson. His senior year of high school he decided to attend Howard University. His immersion into HBCU culture and life was a true life changer. Seeing the list of filmmakers and artists that came from Howard really helped Jason not only see himself in this industry but also see them excel at the highest levels of the field. The film department challenged the very lens with which he watched and consumed media. With this understanding of the filmmaking process, Jason joined other likeminded undergrads and begin to make as many films as possible. He was accepted into the highly competitive DGA Assistant Director Trainee Program. This was another moment that propelled Jason into a new realm; moving to NYC, being one of 7 accepted trainees, and finally joining the professional filmmaking community. Achieving this life goal was a major step and really galvanized Jason to see what he is made of. Fast forward through countless challenges, learning experiences, triumphs, and victories, Jason is now a regular working member of the film community (Director Producer, and Production Manager). He met his wife, Francesca, here in NYC where they live in Brooklyn with their dog Biko as they anticipate the birth of their first child.