Kevin Merz

Kevin Merz is an eclectic spirit, he likes to follow the tide of life and surf the flow. He's got some Swiss, East German, and Ghanian blood running in his veins... '... it doesn't really matter, we are all children of the universe...' Co-founder of the 'cerchio 91' art space and Bunkerville Film-production, he has directed several documentaries, curated Video and Photography installations, concerts and film screenings and is active in the subculture Art scene of his hometown, Lugano. His latest adventure is taking him into the NFT space!  Born in 1978 in Switzerland, he studied photography but always knew that his passion would be for the moving images. In 2000 he became assistant to filmmaker Wolfgang Lindroos in Zürich. This experience deeply influenced his approach to filmmaking and life and was more like an apprenticeship with a shaman, pushing boundaries of reality and sometimes diving into complete madness. One year later he had the chance to become the assistant to german cult director Peter Fleischmann (2001) at the Babelsberg Studios in Berlin, another enriching experience, getting him closer to the author filmmaking.  A few years later he worked as assistent with the Director of Photograpy Ueli Steiger on the “10’000 BC” movie, a fantastic excursion into Blockbuster Movies. Since 2007 he has worked as an independent filmmaker, making documentaries, culture reportages and developing screenplays. In 2007 he directed his first feature length documentary “Glorious Exit” which was the start of his career as author of his own projects.  His documentaries have since won several prizes and have been screened at many international festivals.  At the moment he's involved in a variety of projects, “as long as their is a good vibration!”.