Krystian K Ramloga

Krystian K. Ramlogan is a Trinbagonian filmmaker who has worked in independent cinema and media production for over twenty (20) years. His journey started in corporate media production, which enabled him to collaborate frequently with Errol Fabien and Tony Hall; this experience provided him with a strong foundation from which to grow. Pursuing his passion for cinema, he earned a full scholarship to Howard University. While there Krystian made the Dean s List every semester, won numerous Paul Robeson Awards, and was awarded the prestigious Annenberg Honors Program Exemplar Award, for outstanding academic excellence and leadership. He completed his B.A. and M.F.A. at Howard with a 4.0gpa. Krystian has worked diligently at his craft to achieve success. He collaborated with Haile Gerima and Bradford Young on the short film Venice 70: Future Reloaded, which premiered at the 2013 Venice Film Festival. His short films Chasing Refuge (2014) and Cut My Hair Barber (2017) have won several awards on the film festival circuit. His latest project The Potter s Clay tackles a difficult subject: the challenges of being LGBTQI in Trinidad and Tobago. As a storyteller, Krystian is interested in telling stories which enable him to tap into the rich heritage of Trinidad and Tobago. He can be found reading, reflecting, ruminating, and writing wherever he goes.