Kyle Chin

Kyle Chin is a Jamaican Director and Cinematographer, who has been working in the film industry since 2007. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Philosophy from the University of West Indies (2005) before graduating with honors from the Los Angles Film School (2009). After working on projects, ranging from short films to features and national commercials in Los Angeles, Kyle returned home. He formed AfroAsian Productions to have a vehicle through which to tell visual stories with resonance. His film Sunday (2010) has been screened as a part of the RING DI ALARM vignette at the British Film Institute (England), Brooklyn Film Festival (USA), World Cinema (Amsterdam), Trinidad and Tobago International Film Festival, and the New ArtExchange, (Nottingham). In 2017 Kyle completed two short films - an awarding winning horror, Off Guard, and Mango Wars, a winner of the JAFTA Propella! initiative. He has been an instructor at the UWI Community Film Project for the past 4 years teaching directing, cinematography and acting for film to persons from underserved communities.