Leslie Dektor

More than any other commercial director, the South African born Leslie Dektor has defined the zeitgeist. His trademarks are realism, moving cameras, heavily adapted scripts, unorthodox working methods and characters off the street - techniques that, through heavy imitation, have quickly faded into commercial conformity. His aim has always been to portray the human condition. After taking his directing techniques to its jagged edge, dragging a host of imitators behind him, Leslie Dektor has come full circle, back to the lyricism of his early years in the US - a return to painting the picture. Painting moments is a subject Dektor nows a lot about. It displays his Dektor’s painterly talent for landscapes and lighting. His work is are full of such sweet nothings. He is a man who has a very personal vision. He loves people and he loves life and the small things in life. He sees a lot of sadness, happiness, and bitter-sweetness. He tries to give it all a message of dignity.