Michael Sean Hall

Michael S. Hall, a Los Angeles, California native, began writing short stories at the age of 18. After being selected for the humanities magnet program at Cleveland Charter High School in Reseda, CA, he went on to attend Compton College. There he studied journalism, history and psychology, and his professors encouraged him to pursue a career in writing. Working at an oil refinery at night, and writing during the day, Michael started developing his short stories into longer formats; he began to recognize the longer formats could be developed into screenplays. He decided he needed to learn all aspects of the filmmaking business in order to be a successful script writer and found work as a production assistant on various TV shows and movies. During a stint as a PA on a New Line film, Michael met with production executives who took an interest in his first feature film script “At What Cost”, a re-telling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet set in the Black underworld of Los Angeles. This interest prompted him to submit “At What Cost” to the Sundance Film Festival’s screenwriting competition in 2002, where it advanced to the quarterfinalist round. Since that time, Michael has written 14 screenplays and co-written another four; eight of which have been or are currently under option. In 2008, Michael decided that he wanted to produce and direct the films he had written. His first effort was a film short entitled “Patriotism”, a WWII period piece about the unlikely bond shared between an African-American POW and the German soldiers who captured him. He followed with documentaries that inspired and moved him - the struggles of artists and outsiders in the entertainment industry; the lives of the homeless on skid row in East Los Angeles and South Central, how they got there, and how they planned to get out. Since starting his own production company in 2010, he has also written, directed and produced commercials, music videos, music documentaries, and live-action and animated short films. In 2016 he wrapped post-production on his first feature film, “90 Minutes of the Fever”, about a family airing their long-kept secrets, trapped in a house as the end of the world approaches. He is currently working on his second feature as well as running a successful FF&E company (furniture, fixtures & electronics), installing some of DTLA’s premier hotels. Michael is a filmmaker-entrepreneur in the truest sense.