Moussa Sene Absa

Born in 1958 in Dakar, Senegal Moussa Sene Absa overflows with creativity. He is a film director, as well as a painter, writer and composer.   In cinema, he wrote the screenplay for Les Enfants de Dieu, which was honored at the Francophone film festival.   His directorial debut, the short film Le Prix du Mensonge, earned him the Silver Tanit at the Carthage Film Festival in 1988.   His film Tableau Ferraille won the award for best photography at FESPACO 1997.   His next work, Madame Brouette won the Silver Bear at Berlin Film Festival 2003. He has also produced a popular daily comedy sketch (400 pieces), Gorgorlu, for Senegalese television.   His talent as a painter is also well established and his work has been exhibited in Senegal, Europe and North America.