Moussa Touré

Born in Senegal, Moussa Touré began his career as an electrician and assistant director. He shot his first short film in 1987 and followed it up in 1991 with his first feature film, TOUBAB-BI, which received several awards internationally. In 1987, he founded his own production company, Les Films du Crocodile (Dakar). The company primarily financed his documentary work, which were lauded critically and received many awards. In 1997, he directed TGV with Makéna Diop, Bernard Giraudeau and Philippine LeroyBeaulieu, which became a success in Africa. By the turn of the century, Touré had shot over ten projects, spanning shorts, documentaries and features. In 2002 he was at the initiative of the «Moussa Invite» film festival in Rufisque, Senegal. The festival is promoting African documentaries shot by African directors. In 2011 he was selected as President of the Jury for the Documentary section at the FESPACO (Panafrican Cinema Festival of Ouagadougou).