Nicole J. Butler

Chicago-raised, Hawkeye-educated actress and content-creator, Nicole J. Butler, moved to Hollywood with $200. She got stuck on a carousel of inflexible day jobs that she hated, spent money on bad headshots, gave terrible auditions, quit acting, got burned out, went completely broke, had to move to THAT neighborhood (oh, you know the one)... and after years of doing it wrong, she finally started getting it right. In the past 20 years, Nicole has worked consistently, in front of- and behind the camera, on stage, and at the voiceover mic. She has appeared in over 100 commercials, television shows, and independent projects, combined, and her varied experiences have given her a well-rounded perspective of the entertainment industry. Press coverage of Nicole includes HuffPost, CNN,, The Hollywood Reporter, The Chicago Sun-Times, FOX LA, WGN Radio, and actors’ trade publication, Backstage. Nicole is best-known as “She Shed Cheryl” from State Farm’s viral “She Shed” commercial. You can find her at