Nuria Dixon

Born and raised in East Flatbush Brooklyn, Nuria grew up with the passion to tell stories. After joining the army and doing a tour in Iraq in 2003, her entire perspective on life completely changed and she knew she had to pursue her creative goals. Nuria started her production company, 1 Soul Productions, in 2010; directing, shooting and editing music videos. Once she was ready to move on to narrative films, she enrolled in SVAMPS, Live action Short Film program, where she was able to write and direct/produce her first short film REDEPLOY under the guidance of industry stalwarts, including Bob Giraldi, Kathryn Roupp and Michael Holman. Nuria is currently in the film festival circuit with her first animated short film 'Ethan Art-Venture'. A short film that reminds kids that they have the power to create the narrative in their life. She is currently pitching a TV series for her first animated short film 'Ethan Art-Venture', starring an international voiceover cast member Benzly Hype. Her goal continues to be 'to tell stories that are therapeutic, that have the potential to change someone's life for the better'.