Okiemute Inweh & Sean Brissett

He attended State University of New York at Oswego, where he graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts (B.F.A) in Arts. He was trained in traditional arts: sculpting, drawing and painting. Through his studies, Okiemute’s passion for telling stories visually blossomed. This passion grew as he looked to push his boundaries by taking a course in 3D animation. He fell in love with 3D animation; he even taught himself additional 3D programs after completing his formal education. Fueled by his love for 3D animation, Okiemute attended the Art Institute of Miami in order to obtain a degree solely focused on 3D. This was where Mr. Inweh met his current business partner, Sean Brissett. In 2010, Okiemute Inweh and Sean Brissett established Inway Studios (www.inwaystudios.com). Inway Studios is a content development studio that independently produces educational and entertaining 2D and 3D animated shows, movies and games for children – toddlers, preschoolers, pre-teens and teenagers. In 2012, Okiemute partnered with Nathaniel Bray to become director of 3D animations for Pencil Point Kids. Together they launched Pencil Pont Kids Entertainment Café in New Jersey. They produced a 3D animated short called Pencil Point Adventures. During this prime time, Okiemute got to see first hand the business of animation. His tenure with Pencil Point Adventures provided a better understanding on how to grow his own company, Inway Studios. Today, Inway Studios has produced multiple animation series for kids as well as conducted multiple summer camps for learning. They continue to produce unique content and push the boundaries of animation. Sean Brissett is the Co-founder and Technical Director of Inway Studios, a Black owned content development studio that independently produces 2D and 3D content. Sean’s love for art began as a child growing up in New York City, where he would draw his own comics. His family bolstered his passion and encouraged him to take art seriously. Sean pursued this path by attending the Art Institute of Miami, where his love of 3D animation grew. This is where he met Okiemute Inweh. The two would form a friendship that turned into a partnership and birthed Inway Studios (www.inwaystudios.com). They got to work immediately producing their debut project.?? Over the years, Sean would gain more experience through a series of projects including lead animator for a live animation show with performance artist, Natasha Tsakos. She would also recruit him to produce an animated PSA targeted at Starbucks speaking on the importance of recycling. It was during these times he learned the structure of production. This was the first time his art was viewed in a theatre setting and received media attention. This was also the spark that he needed to make Inway Studios even more valiant, pushing the boundaries along the way. ??As Sean and partner Okiemute Inweh would continue to produce new content, they started to incorporate the exposure and education of the youth in South Florida. The Co-Founders also began to produce a series of children cartoons for toddlers teaching them things like shapes, numbers, letters and colors. ?? Today, Sean Brissett continues this journey of sharing his art through unique, creative projects with a focus on educating as well as giving back.