Patrick Ladonis

Show creator and writer Patrick Ladonis has a BA in English and became fascinated with filmmaking after appearing in the Joel Schumacher film, 'A Time To Kill.' Patrick has always been fascinated with the horror genre and the works of Wes Craven, which inspired his first student film, 'When Evil Awakes'. Years later, Patrick would re-emerge in the content creator space with the success of his digital short, 'Alternative Facts' a project that would place in the AT&T 48 Hour film competition. Followed by the win, Patrick began researching other creatives that would further fuel his desire to create more content. Inspired by the work of Issa Rae , Patrick would create the urban comedy, SCALES in 2017. 'A series that illustrates love, laughter, and a little drama goes along way.' SCALES Season 1(2018) SCALES Season 2(2019) SCALES Season 3(2021)and this fall, Patrick will return as'Remy' with SCALES, season 4(2022). The digital series has received over 143k+ views and over 1,400+ subscribers to the SCALES YouTube channel.