Praheme is a Black American storyteller from Richmond, Virginia. He holds a BA in Film Production from Howard University and MFA in Film Production from Florida State University. Praheme is the CEO of independent studio Praphetic Praductions and i.a.m.W.E. Film Collective, which creates unique and original content like the award winning film Troop 491: the Adventures of the Muddy Lions (2013), Stuck (2018), What a ___ day! (Documentary 2012), Soap (2010 ), and Soaked (2009). Praheme specializes in Writing, Directing, and Producing. Praheme currently lives in Los Angeles and has three feature scripts in development. His most recent collaborations includes Locations Producer for Netflix’s Burning Sands and Production Assistant for acclaimed Director Terrence Nance s 'The Charge for the Sun.'