Rafiq Jordan Nabali

Rafiq Jordan Nabali is an award-winning filmmaker and the founder of Byrdie Productions Inc. a film company dedicated to telling powerful Black stories. Jordan is a proud member of the BIPOC community and has been exposed to a myriad of Black cultures. His mother is Jamaican, his father is Ghanaian, his beautiful wife is of Haitian descent and he himself was born and raised in the United States. Jordan’s upbringing and experiences traveling the world have shaped his ability to approach stories from unique perspectives. Most recently, he wrote and directed his first feature documentary “Let the Church Say '' (2022) which explored the historical impact of the Black American church and posed a daunting question: Is the Black church dead? He is currently in the development of several projects including 'Where the Red Line Ends' an innovative docu-series about the history of Redlining and its impact on Black generational wealth. Jordan’s desire is to provide candid creative glimpses of the Black experience, in ways that anyone from any background can empathize with.