Roger Melvin

My journey in film began as an Assistant Director, primarily on low and ultra low budget films, that was my training ground. I didn’t have big budgets or big toys so I learned to make do with what I had and make it the best it could be. My email signature for the past 5 years has been a quote from Theodore Roosevelt, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” This mindset, I carry with me today. My overall approach on set is not only creative in nature, but also production minded. My experience with adverse shooting conditions trained me to shoot with efficiency so that limitations on set do not come across on screen. It is with this driving idea that I embarked on shooting gospel stage plays. When I began, I was simply shooting stage plays that ran live, but were now going to Television. We shot full shows in one day…one long day. This was my introduction to multi camera shooting and it was baptism by fire. With such an aggressive shooting schedule, I had to over prepare and execute with precision. I used my one day of rehearsal to hammer out blocking and work through dialogue. On shoot days I finessed what I could and mapped out the edit in my head while watching the multi-view of all four cameras. If I had to do it all over again I would certainly fight for more time, but I am also incredibly thankful for that level of “on the ground training”. I was working with seasoned actors who have made more films than I have seen, but because I did my homework, came to set with a vision and a plan they welcomed my direction. Instead of 88 min. shows, we progressed to 3-day shoots and 45 min. episodes. Although tight, my experiences positioned me for success. I am a director, in a field of other men and women all trying to distinguish themselves. My relentless work ethic and my get it done attitude is how I distinguish myself. It is what I use to level the playing field, in other words, no one is going to out hustle me. I believe that he who says, “I can”, and he who says, “I can’t”, are usually right. I am privileged to call directing my job but there is more to learn, and I am dedicated to that pursuit.