Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers and Carmine Pierre-Dufour

Sandrine studied at Concordia University in Film Production. Then, she acheived a master in Acting at the Drama Center – University of the Arts London (London and Moscow). She came back to Montreal, finishing her scholarity studying Feature writing at L’INIS (Insistut Nationale de l’Image et du Son). Previously, Sandrine had studied music since primary school (12 years of cello and signing). After graduating, Sandrine wrote and directed over 15 short films that were screen all around the world in different festivals. Her last short film Just Me And You won, among other prize, the Crystal Bear at the 2019 Berlinale. Besides her personal projects, she worked for the Wapikoni mobile. She now teaches part-time at Concordia University « acting and directing for screen » (replacement of Micheline Lanctôt). Sandrine has just finished her 16th short film, Juste moi et toi (Just you and me). She is now writing her first feature. Carmine Pierre-Dufour is a bilingual writer and filmmaker. In television, she is part of the writing team behind the medical drama Transplant. In film, she wrote and co-directed the short film Mahalia Melts in the Rain, which has been selected in over 50 festivals around the world on top of being nominated for Best Live Action Short Drama at the Canadian Screen Awards in 2019. Having secured funding from the Harold Greenberg Fund, CALQ and SODEC, she is currently writing her first feature film Montreal, you’re beautiful tonight. Fanmi is her second short film.