Sean Browne

Sean Browne was born in Louisiana, and when he was three months old he moved to Antigua & Barbuda in the Caribbean where he grew up. At age 19 he returned to his state of birth to attend the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering. After this, he returned to Antigua for the next six years where he managed his music production business, learned web marketing and networking, studied real estate, and researched consciousness and the meaning of life — thus becoming a philosopher. In September of 2013, Sean returned to America to bring all his visions to fruition. One of these is producing ATOMS — a 3D animated film. He also launched the Algorithm Clothing Line after being inspired while watching the movie 'This is 40', which helped him remember some T-shirt designs he had thought of in 2003. Presently, Sean is promoting The Very Loving Caterpillar and the ATOMS screenplay at film festivals, producing ATOMS, musical projects, and expanding the Algorithm Clothing Line.