Simon Se’ydou Mukali

Simon Se’ydou Mukali is a writer and director born 1983 in Nairobi, Kenya. He studied Architecture before deciding to bite the bullet and switch careers, getting into the world of film. He has worked on several television productions on various freelance assignments. Simon always wanted to tell visual stories. He has done numerous short documentaries for the magazine TV series TAZAMA, as well as other productions such as THE SPACE. In 2010, Simon got to make his first fictional short film NAILA’S CLIFF, shot in in Kampala, Uganda, a rousing experience of shooting an African story. In 2012 he was a Content Director on the Kenyan reality series UONGOZI. During this time he directed the feature documentary LET ME BE A CHILD, a social commentary on the state of street children in Nairobi. Simon is currently developing a feature film about a young woman seeking to reconnect with her long lost family 20 years after the genocide in Rwanda.