Taiwo Egunjobi

Taiwo Egunjobi has been producing media actively since 2013. From writing essays, to creating short films and staged drama sketches from Primary school to University. A graduate of Psychology from the of Ibadan. He wrote and produced his first film in 2013, while studying Psychology at the University of Ibadan, the short film was titled ' Blades of Ennui', a 30 minutes psycho drama. Taiwo Egunjobi has written several screenplays; feature length, Television series and short films. In 2016, he wrote his first feature film, ' Gidi Blues ' with Femi Kayode, for Femi Odugbemi, Filmmaker and Academy of Motion Picture Arts Member, 'Gidi Blues.' It was screened at several film festivals around the world including Zimbabwe International Film Festival and Film Africa Festival, London. In 2018, He adapted Wole Soyinka s play ' The Lion and The Jewel' for filmmaker, Tunde Kelani, titled ' Sidi Ilujinle ' . It was screened at the Lights Camera Africa Film Festival, Lagos. He has also directed and photographed a few short films, prominently 'Musomania' and ' Don t Be A Nollywood Stereotype ', both have been screened at film festivals in Nigeria, such as The Zuma Film Festival, Real Time Festival, Eko International Film Festival and In-Short Film Festival. His debut feature, 'In Ibadan,' an arty romantic drama opened to rave reviews and has screened at prestigious festivals. He is currently working on his second feature “All Na Vibes.” He s also the editor in chief at Filmkaku where he writes about African filmmaking.