Tamera Coleman

Tamera Coleman, a.k.a. MediaMadam is a creative content developer and digital media archivist. Professionally, she has managed digital content and developed digital media libraries for network and local news, web, government, cable and emerging OTT platforms. Being naturally inquisitive, she loves listening to stories told by her own family Griots, appreciates the wealth of curated African American collections found in libraries and museums and cuddling up with a good, juicy biography from time to time. After researching her own family tree and discovering her family’s Cameroon ancestry through (African Ancestry dot com), she answered her call and purpose to Research and Storytelling. First Project: Inns of Color . MediaMadam s Mission — To uncover, creatively capture and share unsung stories about the African American experience. “What my mind envisions, my heart feels and my soul creates.” Tamera holds an MA Producing Visual Media, American University and BA Broadcast Journalism, Howard University.