Tayana Brumaire

Tayana Brumaire is a graduate of Brooklyn College with a B.A. in Film Production and TV/Radio. Tayana got her start and interest in filmmaking during her senior year of high school when she participated in Reel Works Teen Filmmaking Spring documentary lab and Master Narrative Lab in 2015. She worked on her first documentary, Girl in Progress, and her first Narrative short, Memories of Us. Tayana has conceptualized and produced several original works, with Kinky as her most recent project. Kinky has screened at The Collective’s Black Short Film Festival, an annual event sponsored by NYU, The National Film Festival for Talented Youth, and Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival sponsored by Ava Duvernay s Array, and Halifax Black Film Festival. Tayana was one of the Top 10 Winners for Campus Movie Fests’ Disney Women in Film Category and participated in Disney s Women in a Film roundtable discussion for Kinky. Kinky visualizes a coming-of-age narrative that reflects the experiences of black women past and present, an account of history that describes the choice to conform or rewrite society s standards of beauty and popular perceptions. Tayana plans to further develop her film style by exploring different aspects of the cinematic landscape and creating thought-provoking black experiences.