Tayo Odesanya

Tayo Odesanya is an award winning writer/director based in South London. Graduating with a degree in Digital Film Production from Ravensbourne University her first short ‘Maya’ gained 10 nominations including Best Student film at the London Short Film Festival as well as the Children’s Award at the Encounters Film Festival. The film went on the win Best International Film at the London International Film Festival, Best Foreign Film at the El Dorado International Film Festival and Bradford Student Widescreen Film of the Year award. While experimenting with new genres Tayo’s first short documentary The Night Shift went on to win Best Documentary Short at the Amsterdam Film Festival and was then screened at BAFTA in the Triforce Film Festival as well as the BFI after winning the Hiive short of the month. More recently Odesanya premiered her first animated short, ‘Wireless’, at BFI’s S.O.U.L: Celebrate Connect event. It has since won ‘Best Short under 5mins’ at the Rob Knox Film Festival. In order to fund her films Tayo freelances as a runner and has worked on projects such as Top Boy (season 3), Transformers, Black Earth Rising (BBC) and is currently employed by RSA Films. Tayo has recently completed a new short staring Nahbaan Rizwan (BBC’s Informer/Mughal Mowgli) and Olivia Popica (BBC’s Informer/Riviera). She is currently working on a privately commissioned short as well as an online web series for a leading youth Youtube channel.