Val Thomas-Matson

Val Thomas-Matson, creator and executive producer of Look, Listen and Learn TV (LL+L), holds more than three decades of experience in television and community advocacy.   Thomas-Matson earned her B.A. in Broadcast Communications and a Minor in Early Childhood Development at Western Washington University. Her broadcast career started in 1981 at King Broadcasting’s Classic King FM 98.1 radio, where she was an administrative assistant. She moved from radio into television at King, becoming the audience relations coordinator for Good Company, a morning show on hot local topics.   As a King County community organizer for 15 years, Thomas-Matson helped neighborhood groups develop solutions for issues they had identified. Her efforts emphasized community problem solving and included drug and alcohol prevention, after-school and homework programs, and block watches.  Thomas-Matson left her job at King County in 2007 to develop Look, Listen and Learn. Her freelance experience includes voice work and media consulting.  In addition to LL+L, she works part-time as an executive producer for North by Northwest Productions and co-host of “Washington Grown,” a local television program that highlights the amazing food scene and industry that makes Washington state a great place to enjoy literally hundreds of locally grown items.   Thomas-Matson is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (Delta Upsilon Omega, Seattle Chapter)  Her personal interests include card and jewelry making, reading and the sport of curling. She lives in Tukwila, WA with her husband, Scott.