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kweliTV - Our Culture. Curated.

kweliTV is an interactive streaming platform that shares the African Diaspora experience through dope, undiscovered documentaries, films, web shows, children’s programming, news and more.

African Diaspora refers to the communities throughout the world of African descent that are comprised of unique cultures and histories from North America, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia.

Dope & Undiscovered means high-quality content (independent film, news, web shows, kids programming, documentaries) produced by globally diverse and unique filmmakers and journalists who aim to share their stories and truths with the world.

98 percent of our films have been official selections at film festivals and more than half are award winning.

Kweli means “Truth” in Swahili.

Our mission is to curate and create content that is a true reflection of the global black experience versus what we may sometimes see in mainstream media. Through our collective content, we hope to share the African Diaspora experience with all!

kweliTV is 100% black-owned.

Represented film festivals include:

American Black Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, African International Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival; BronzeLens Film Fest, Cannes Film Festival, Hollywood Black Film Festival, African Diaspora International Film Festival, Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival, Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival, Pan African Film Festival, Baghdad International Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival, Africa World Documentary Film Festival, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, QFest Film Festival, Harlem International Film Festival, London Lesbian Film Festival, Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona/NYC /Paris, Chicago International Social Change Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival, New York Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Amnesty International Human Rights Film Festival, Urbanworld Film Festival, Little Rock Film Festival, African American Women in Cinema, Garden State Film Festival, Jamba South African Film Festival, Cinemas D'Afrique Angers, BFI London Film Festival, Durban International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma - César, Berlinale Film Festival, Cleveland International Film Festival, Costa Rica International Film Festival, Trinidad and Tobago International Film Festival, Capital City Black Film Festival, Cinedans, AFRIFF, AFI Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, New York African Film Festival, Monaco International Film Festival, Black Harvest Film Festival, Princeton Environmental Film Festival, Journées Cinematographiques de la Femme Africaine de L'Image, Zanzibar International Film Festival , SXSW Film Festival, and dozens more!

kweli-Deals Partners

We're building a squad of national and international brands that sell products and services online. The mission of the "kweli-DEALS" partnership is to promote business owners of African descent through our video platform. Through the partnership, companies offer a one-time or recurring 10-20% discount to their product or service to our paid subscribers. There is no fee associated with becoming a "kweli-DEALS" partner.

Paid monthly & annual subscribers to kweliTV receive discounts to goods and services from black-owned businesses across the globe. Check out our current partners below. To receive the discounts, you must first subscribe. Once you have completed your membership, you will be directed to a page with the complete list of kweli-Deals partners and their discount codes. We also send out a weekly e-newsletter with new, updated discount codes to our paid subscribers. Partners are added frequently! Learn how to join our kweli-Deals!

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