Help kweliTV find our next kweliGIVES recipients for 2019!

We're looking for national non-profit and community organizations that are working on innovative solutions that positively impact and mobilize the global black community.

HOW IT WORKS: 1% of kweliTV's member revenue is donated to a  US-based non-profit organization making an impact. This year, we're looking for 3 different organizations. At the end of every quarter in 2019, kweliTV will donate a portion of our subscription earnings to one of the three non-profit organizations on July 30; September 30 & December 30.

QUALIFICATIONS: Any organization that's classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States is eligible. kweliGIVES recipients can work within a community anywhere in the world that is classified as African descent as long as the organization is US-based and has an active, tax-exempt status.

NOMINATION PERIOD: Anyone can nominate a non-profit between now and March 15 (self-nominations are welcomed).

VOTING PERIOD: During the week of March 18, kweliTV members will have the opportunity to vote for the top three recipients. With our gift coming directly from a portion of our subscription revenue, only current members of kweliTV (monthly or annual) can participate in the final vote to determine which non-profit deserves a portion of YOUR subscription dollars.

Read an essay from the founder on why kweliTV is donating 1% of their revenue to community organizations.