We're building a squad of national and international brands that sell products and services online. The mission of the "kweliDEALS" partnership is to promote business owners of African descent through our video platform. Through the partnership, companies offer a one-time or recurring 10-20% discount to their product or service to our paid subscribers. There is no fee associated with becoming a "kweli-DEALS" partner.

The kweliDEALS partnership included:

---Listed as an official partner in our weekly e-newsletter. The weekly promo for your company would include your logo, a 25-word description, the description of the offer for kweliTV subscribers and a link to your website.
---Listed on our About Us and Subscription pages with your logo and brief description of the special offer.
---Your discount deal emailed directly to subscribers once they pay for a subscription plan.

Interested in joining? Send us your company name, link to your website, short company description, and the product and/or service offer you think would fit well for our audience. Email and put "Partnership" in the subject line.

Current Partners