Submit a Film

SHOW US WHAT YOU'VE GOT! We welcome independent filmmakers, producers, and video content creators to submit your film, web series, visual podcast, etc. for review. 

To meet our guidelines, your completed project must include a lead character of African descent. Our mission is to amplify storytellers of African descent—with nearly 91% of our filmmakers being black. However, we review/consider films by content creators of all ethnicities.

Each title that is submitted to kweliTV goes through a review process to see if it fits our mission, ethics and standards. If we believe your film/documentary/series meets our guidelines, we will follow back up with you with next steps. 

Because of the high volume of submissions, we are unable to reply back to everyone. At this time, we can only get back to creators that we’re moving forward with. 

Please note that we are not accepting, screenplays, treatments, pilots, etc., at this time.

Submissions guidelines:

We primarily accept films that have been “official selections” at film festivals. When submitting your film, you must include the festival(s) your film or documentary have been accepted into or the submission will not be reviewed. The only exception are episodic web series.

We're currently reviewing all genres: documentary, drama, sci-fi, adventure, fantasy, thriller, action, afrofuturism, etc. For comedic programming, scroll down to Lil Rel's Channel submissions process.

To be considered, email: 

1) A private Vimeo or FilmFreeway link of the full film or series that includes a password. We also accept Dropbox and Google Drive links.

2) If it is a web series, send us at least three episodes within a series. 

3) A synopsis of your project

4) Any accolades (awards or film festival official selections)

5) Length of your project

6) Number of completed episodes/seasons (if it's a web series)

Please put “Submission” along with the title of our project in the subject of the email (ex: Submission: Hollywood Shuffle). Send to:

We only review films from your online screener from private link on YouTube, Dropbox, etc. or a password protected location such as Vimeo, Amazon Prime, Film Freeway, etc. Incomplete submissions (such as missing list of film festivals or a synopsis) will not be reviewed.

Short films must be at least 7 minutes long to be considered.

College Students:

Calling all BFA, MFA or multimedia students of African descent! We’re creating a new channel on kweliTV for your films! Our new “On The Come Up” channel is celebrating & amplifying promising, up & coming black film students around the world. Please send us:

1) Private Vimeo of the full film that includes a password

2) A synopsis of your project

3) Any accolades (not required)

4) The length of the film/series/documentary and genre.  

5) If it is a web series, send us at least three episodes within a series.

Please put “Student Submission” along with the title of our project in the subject of the email (ex: Student Submission: Hollywood Shuffle). Send to: