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kweliTV offers a number of opportunities to showcase your brand to our growing, engaged audience—whether it’s our 24-hour live-stream channel, weekly email newsletter, an exclusive channel sponsorship, our soon to launch kweliCREATORS podcast, one of our various live experiences throughout the United States, and more! Learn more. \\\ Request our sponsorship deck.


We are looking for our second cohort of kweliTV Ambassadors. The kweliTV Ambassador Program is an opportunity for you to act as an liaison between kweliTV and the global audiences eager to see quality, engaging content of the African Diaspora. Learn more.


We're building a squad of national and international brands that sell products and services online. The mission of the "kweliDEALS" partnership is to promote business owners of African descent through our video platform. Through the partnership, companies offer a one-time or recurring 10-20% discount to their product or service to our paid subscribers. There is no fee associated with becoming a kweliDEALS partner. Learn more.


1% of kweliTV's member revenue goes to a worthy non-profit organization making an impact anywhere in the United States. This year, we're looking for 3 different organizations. At the end of every quarter in 2019, kweliTV will donate a portion of our subscription earnings to one of the three non-profit organizations on July 30; September 30 & December 30. Learn more.

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