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77 DAYS \ 14min \ USA

Addiction takes a toll on everyone. A young mother returns home from another stint at rehab estranged from her siblings and son. Determined to get her life together, she must face the challenge of repairing her broken relationships and the real responsibility of parenting. 


Official Selection - Pan African Film Festival (2017); Official Selection - Reelworld Film Festival (2016)

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Shailene Garnett

Shailene Garnett was born in Montreal but grew up in and around Toronto. Her passion for acting began when she was three years old and watching an episode of Full House with her mom she pointed to the TV and said, “I want to do that.” She's known for her work on The Dirties, Sons of God, and Best Man Holiday.  

But, as this film proves, she isn't limiting herself to working in front of the camera - she's also working behind the camera on a new web-series.

All from this director.