AMANENE \ 16 mins \ South Africa

From the township of Khayelitsha to the downtown of Cape Town, the members of the a cappella band Major Voices open the doors of their daily life between contrasts. Assisting the director with the camera, they introduce us to their lifestyle and share their vision; nine young voices that spread hope, love and smiles to brighten the future. They take us to a colorful, rhythmic and authentic journey into a South African reality full of hope.

Viewer Discretion Advised: Mature language


Montreal International Black Film Festival, Africa Film Trinidad & Tobago, Toronto Global Community Film & Arts Festival, Realtime International Film Festival, Carrousel International du film de Rimouski, Festival du Film Jeune de Lyon

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Maggie Mercier

I’m a photographer, videographer and filmmaker beginning in the industry. I'm based in Montreal, Canada, but I’ve been traveling back and forth to South Africa since 2015 and it has become my second home. What drives me the most in filmmaking is finding a way to make the natural world shine and tell stories that deserve to be heard. In 2013 I studied cinema and media for one year in Canada and I completed, in 2018, a documentary film course which allowed me, for my final project, to make my first short documentary Amanene that I shot in South Africa with Major Voices. Since the production of my film, I take some of my free time to work with Major Voices as an assistant manager/administrator, videographer and photographer to help them grow and promote their work.

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