AMILCAR CABRAL \ 61 mins \ Cape Verde & Guinea

Amílcar Cabral was the leader of the Liberation Movement of Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau and the founder of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde (PAIGC). He was born in Guinea in 1924 and assassinated in Conakry in 1973. Regarded as a true icon of African history, this documentary provides considerable background to this revolutionary giant and reveals Cabral in several dimensions: as a man, a father, politician, humanist and poet. This documentary is skillfully produced and uses a wealth of rare archive footage, balanced inclusion of varied testimonies of important African personalities and the credible recreation of notable episodes of Cabral's life.


Festival de Cine Africano; Chicago African Diaspora Film Festival; The Best of the African Diaspora Film Festival; Africa Vive; International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

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Ana Ramos Lisboa

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