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CATFACE \ 19:07 min \ London

Catface, a vigilante born through supernatural means decides to take revenge on a cult of violent Internet serial killers across the city of London. After five years of avenging the lives of many victims, Cat face decides to bring the revenge closer to home by abducting and torturing Tyler, a young businessman who happens to have been away from his daughter for too long.

As Catface puts Tyler through psychological torture, a mysterious figure observes the session. Tyler eventually finds out that his connection to Cat Face lies in his very dark past.


Nominated - Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards; Official Selection - African International Film Festival; Official Selection - British Urban Film Festival

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Ogo Okpue

Ogo Okpue is a London based filmmaker and multi-disciplinary designer. His short films have been nominated and screened at various UK and International festivals and events such as London Independent Film Festival, British Urban Film Festival, Crystal Palace Intl Festival, Creative Arts Festival, African International Film Festival, Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, KUSH Film Exhibitions UK, just to name a few.

His last short film SAVING CAIN is currently showing on Shorts HD DirecTV Channel 573 and AT&T U-Verse Channel 1789.

He works for top broadcast and production companies in the UK offering his expertise in branding, motion graphics, design direction and 3d animation. His current short film CATFACE, a gripping supernatural thriller is on the festival circuit

Born in northern Nigeria and raised in the south of the country, Lagos, Ogo always dreamt of a career in the arts and media. After completing a BSC computer science degree in Nigeria, he came to the UK, where he graduated with an MA in digital film and animation from London Metropolitan University. From his 1st degree till date, he has provided creative services for global brands in diverse sectors such as telecommunications, finance, fashion, sports, entertainment etc. mainly as a multi- disciplinary designer.


Ogo is now focusing most of his time and energy on developing world-class afro- centric content through his production company, Adverto and local and foreign production and media partnerships. Currently in development is his first feature film, an action thriller and SYFA KNIGHTS, an action adventure animated web series.

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