CHI-VOICES: A POETIC FILM SERIES \ 27 mins \ United States

A new media project with many creative individuals that come together to artistically express their traumatized experiences by the violence in their communities — whether affected directly or indirectly — through spoken word and film. 


Black Harvest Film Festival; Chicago International Social Change Film Festival; Oak Park International Film Festival; Chi-Town Multicultural Film Festival; Chicago Onscreen Local Film Festival

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Jessica Estelle Huggins & Shiri Burson

Boston native, Jessica Estelle Huggins is an acclaimed Filmmaker. She co-produced the short narrative ‘Perfect Day’ in 2014 which was accepted into 20 film festivals and has achieved 4 awards. She’s been featured in various film festivals across the country and is well on her way to becoming a visionary in the film industry. When she’s not behind the camera producing, Huggins spends her time focused on bringing awareness and solution to social justice issues that impact black women and the black community. Huggins enjoys spending time with her family and currently lives on the west coast in the Bay area. She continues to develop multifaceted characters honing in on people of color.

Shiri Burson is an award winning film director, She won "Audience Choice Award" for her 2012 documentary, Foundations of a Man featured at Take One Film Festival. She is a graduate from Columbia College Chicago. Shiri's films breathe compassion and empathy into the image of marginalized people as way to deconstruct stereotypes and generalizations. Shiri is excited to have led such a poetic film series, Chi-Voices.

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