COMEUPPANCE \ 38:31min \ USA

For years Daniel has rationalized his internal conflict by remembering what life was like before working for the town's corrupt mayor, John Behr. But now, Daniel's best friend Tommy has had enough and refuses to pay anymore 'protection money'. Now Daniel must choose, either risk his life by saving his best friend or side with his employer and do the only thing that he's good at.


2nd Place, Best Short - San Francisco Black Film Festival (2014); Official Selection - Roxbury International Film Festival (2014); Official Selection - Heritage Film Festival (2014); Official Selection - Action on Film International Film Festival (2014); Official Selection - Afrikana International Film Festival: Film Noir Series

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Dewey Ortiz

Dewey's interest in film started after watching Spike Lee's Malcom X and having a conversation with his family about it. Seven years later, while watching the film Fight Club during his senior year of high school, Dewey began to understand fully the power of film. He realized that movies could entertain, as well as serve as a medium to inspire change -- and his interest in filmmaking was thus solidified.

Dewey attended Howard University's Graduate School of Film to sharpen his skills in film analysis, production and screenwriting, earning a Master of Fine Arts in Film. Along with Kendall Givens-Little, Dewey co-wrote the script for Comeuppance in 2011 and directed the film in 2012. Comeuppance was shown at numerous film festivals, including the Roxbury International Film Festival and the Action on Film International Film Festival.

In 2015 Dewey created and produced Survivor Stories a 4-part docuseries that is currently on YouTube and has gained over 4000 views.

Dewey wrote The Runaways in 2013 and will helm the film as director and co-producer.

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