GOLDEN PARACHUTE \ 35:19 min \ France

When she finds out that Mirna, her home helper, is having visa trouble, Mrs Hamadi clashes with a reality she never knew about. But it's already too late and Mirna doesn't want to fight anymore to stay in Europe at any cost. She's decided it was time for her to go back to Haiti with her daughter. The retired woman has got no other choice than to help Mirna go back home standing on her feet. It's time for Mr Mosanto, Mirna's ex-boss to pay his huge debts as well. During a strange and unexpected encounter, he will almost loose much more than what he had stolen from Mirna during all the time she had worked for him.


Africlap Film Festival (Toulouse, France), FEMI Film Festival of Guadeloupe, Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona / NYC / Paris, Short Film Corner — 67th Cannes Film Festival

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Wally Fall

Wally is an award-winning filmmaker. He grew up in Martinique and lived several years in Europe after he finished high school. He came to filmmaking through learning video editing in evening classes in London. He now lives in Guadeloupe and works on various projects in the Caribbean and in Africa.

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