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KASITA \ 21:55 min \ Bonaire Caribbean

When little Luna can’t keep the dog she’s rescued, she knows just what to do. Together with her cousin, Sol, she sets off to house the dog in one of the empty old huts that held enslaved Africans on Bonaire. Things don’t go as planned, however.


Winner - Best Short , Harlem International Film Festival Jury Selection, Costa Rica International Film Festival, Cinedans Trinidad and Tobago International Film Festival, Diaspora Festival of Black and Independent Film, Black Harvest Film Festiva,l Joshua Tree International Film Festival Langston Hughes African American Film Festival, Segal Film Festival, San Diego Black Film Festival, International Black Women’s Film Festival, World Kids International Film Festival.

Gabri christa kasita

Gabri Christa

Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean, born and raised Gabri Christa brings to her filmmaking and directing her background as a choreographer and performer. Now based in New York, (via Havana, Amsterdam and Puerto Rico) she has received many awards for her Choreographies and Short Films including a Guggenheim Fellowship for her choreography. Of her directing Jennifer Dunning in the New York Times said: Something happens in Gabri Christa’s Dominata, that can not be said for many great dances today…she transforms the theater and transports you …she directs without seeming lifting a finger”. In 2008 Gabri Christa was invited to the Pangea Day Film Festival as “One of the World’s 100 most promising Filmmakers”. Her film “High School” received an ABC TV award for Creative excellence.

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