MÜTTERERDE \ 45 mins \ Germany & USA

Muttererde calls for femme forms of ancestral history in the face of the often interrupted historical knowledge of the African diaspora in Europe and elsewhere. What are rituals, teachings and abilities passed on from our matriarchs? How do these inherited skills serve us or inhibit us today? The conversations with five black femmes on the knowledge and non-knowledge of their mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and as far back as the knowledge carries them create a rich and powerful archive. 


Official Selection - District Berlin Art & Culture (District Kunst und Kulturforderung)

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Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor

Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor (b. 1984, Florida) is a theater practitioner, social justice advocate and community organizer. Her roots are in the Southern United States, born in Mississippi and bred in Florida. Taylor's work manifests through performance, text, dialogue, dance and community building for Black People and People of Color. Her work centers on themes of ritual, visibility and identity mythology. She is chiefly concerned with ways to dismantle oppressive institutions and the creation of racial equity in art and theater. She strives to address race politics as a performer, maker and artist.  Her advocacy and organizing work stems from contemporary critical race theory.

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