ROLLING IN THE DEEP \ 12:18 mins \ USA

Inspired by true events, Rolling In The Deep is about an African American World War 2 veteran who travels back home to South Carolina to achieve a goal for his late father by having a meal at a local famous whites-only diner.


Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival; Los Angeles Entertainment Festival: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Writer & Best Ensemble Cast - Roxbury International Film Festival; Best Dramatic Short Film - Orlando Urban Film Festival; San Francisco Black Film Festival; Columbus; Black International Film Festival; African World Film Festival; First Place Independent Film Feature Short & Third Place Best Short Film - Dallas Black Film Festival; Urban Mediamakers Film Festival; Black Harvest Film Festival; Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival; SBE's Hamilton International Film Festival; Shortz! Film Festival ; Black International Film Festival; Ocktober Film Festival; Five Points Youth Foundation (Los Angeles Screening Showcase); Newark International Film Festival; Capital City Black Film Festival; Black Underground Film Festival; Best Short Film - Marquee on Main Film Festival; Baltimore International Black Film Festival; Urban Film Festival; Kansas International Film Festival; Raleigh Film Festival ; Gary International Black Film Festival; Twin Cities Black Film Festival; Best Short Film - Sacramento World War 2 Memorial Showcase; Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival; Indienight Film Festival ; 24th African American Film Marketplace; San Diego Black Film Festival; Las Vegas Black Film Festival; Toronto Black Film Festival; Indie Fest USA International Film Festival; Denton Black Film Festival; Gold Remi Award Winner - 51st Annual World-Fest Houston International Film & Video Festival; My Love Michelle Short Film Festival; Bill Johnson Black Film Festival; LA CineFest; Houston Black Film Festival; Miami Independent Film Festival; Charlotte Black Film Festival; Best Of Black Harvest; Seal Beach International Film Festival; British Urban Film Festival; The Festival of Tolerance - 12th Zagreb Jewish Film Festival; Hard Press Film Festival: Best Historical Short; Bergen County Film Festival; Santa Fe Film Social; Best Short Screenplay - Silicon Beach Film Festival; Boise Dreams Big Film Festival; Tangier International Film Festival; Stone Center for Black Culture and History‚Äôs Diaspora Festival of Black and Independent Film; NYLA International Film Festival; Oregon Cinema Arts Film Festival; Menlo Park Film Series; Atlanta Playhouse Film Festival; Shreveport Urban Film Festival; Best Costume Design - Hip Hop Film Festival; The Monthly Film Festival; Burbank International Film Festival; Best Historical Film, Best Directing, Best Writing - Hendersonville Shorts Film Festival; MECCAcon International Film Festival; Alton International Film Festival; Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival; Best Period Film - Down South Film Festival; Afrikana Independent Film Festival; International Black Film Festival of Nashville; The Melbourne Independent Film Festival; Sunlight International Film Festival; NC Black Film Festival; The International Gullah Film Festival; The Fall Brawl Film Festival; Prime Media International Film Festival; Hollywood South Urban Film Festival: Best Short Film; I've Known Rivers Film Festival

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Marcellus Cox

Marcellus Cox is an award winning writer/director hailing from Los Angeles. Marcellus  has always had a passion for movies and filmmaking. As a true auteur, his style of cinematic storytelling embossed with dark and edgy themes that is engaging and enlightening. Delivering his audience to a place of understanding and compassion for social issues and objectivity, he pushes the boundaries of controversial storytelling, touching on subjects such as race, religion, social and political issues.

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