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SALTZ \ 16:39 mins \ USA

SALTZ is an experimental horror narrative that intercuts footage from two different casts of actors. Frankie (Dominique McClellan and Andrew Vogel) enlists his recovering drug addict younger brother, Mike (Brian Egland & Stephen Stanley), to smuggle a load of a new designer drug into Louisiana. As Frankie struggles to keep Mike sober, Mike's addictive drive reaches monstrous proportions.


Winner - San Francisco Black Film Festival; CANADASHORTS Film Festival; Charlotte Black Film Festival; Azalea Film Festival; National Black Film Festival; Urban Media Makers Film Festival

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Dominique McClellan

Dominique McClellan is a Mississippi native and military veteran who developed a passion for film at an early age.  His experimental film “Saltz” is his directorial debut and has been well received by audiences.  Dominique believes in using his platform to entertain as well as provide a space where conversations on and about social issues are both inspired and encouraged.  Dominique is currently writing, directing and producing more projects and looks forward to bringing his unique vision and voice to audiences across the globe. 

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